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A 13-disc boxed set of previously unreleased material by The Muffins, legendary Washington DC avant-progressive / post-jazz / beyond-genre group


Visionary avant-progressive ensemble Miriodor, based in Quebec, release their 10th studio album of elegantly playful, cinematic and fantastical instrumental music 

All-star collaborative jazz trio of  Michael Formanek (bass), Tomas Fujiwara (drums), and Mary Halvorson (guitar), celebrate their 10th Anniversary with a new release rich with new colors & directions
Michigan's cutting-edge piano & reeds ensemble
explore a world of polyrhythms and 20th Century classical techniques for their 1975 finale  


SNEEK PEAK! Stay tuned to hear about Cuneiform's SPRING 2023 RELEASES
Cuneiform moves its Silver Spring offices in Winter 2023. When we're resettled, we'll release fab recordings by Tomeka Reid Quartet, Radio Massacre International, Soft Machine & more!
Congratulations to 2022 MacArthur Foundation Award  Winner TOMEKA REID!
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NOVEMBER 18, 2022



Bio information: THE MUFFINS
Title: BAKER’S DOZEN (Cuneiform Rune 500)
Punk was not Washington DC 's only notable contribution to American rock music of the late 20th /early 21st Century.  A strong vein of avant-progressive / art / ambient / experimental / post-genre music flourished in DC and its suburbs, running parallel to the popular spotlight on punk music. 

That progressive, experimental tradition continues to flow through DC music today, as evident in DC's thriving experimental/ avant jazz/ post-genre music scene and in home-grown label Cuneiform Records, which launched in 1984 after being inspired by The Muffins' music to release, support and promote cutting-edge music from around the world. 

listen/share on Soundcloud: "Monkey in the Middle"" from

The Muffins were a Washington, D.C. area band who existed
from 1974-81 
and then again with their best-known line-up still intact from 1993-2015.
They were called "...the finest progressive band that America produced...
even at it's most complicated, (they) sounded effortless & convincing”
by Fred Frith, the reknowned international icon of avant-garde music. They also acted as Fred’s backing band
on his first post-Henry Cow solo album, Gravity.
listen/share on Soundcloud: "Out of the Boot/ Nan True's Hole"" from BAKER'S DOZEN

It is an all-too-rare occurrence for a band, throughout its career, to create music that continually pushes the envelope and transforms the landscape. It is an even rarer occurrence for such a band to reunite after a long separation, and embark on a second musical career that continues to be as innovative as the first.
The Muffins, a group equally influenced by the then-current British progressive rock sounds of bands such as Henry Cow, National Health and Soft Machine as they were by contemporary American jazz and improvisational artists like Anthony Braxton, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Sun Ra and Miles Davis, were formed in Washington, DC in the early 1970s and recorded three albums before disbanding in 1981. In 1998 the group reformed and recorded a further six albums. AllMusic describes their music as a "unique blend of Canterbury progressive, fusion, improvisation and much more.'"
During their two lifetimes, the band performed at now legendary festival events, including the ZU Festival (NYC), the Rock In Opposition Festival (France), the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival (Rome), Sonic Circuits Festival (D.C.) and NEARFest (Bethlehem, PA), among many others.
listen/share on Soundcloud: "Queenside"" from THE MUFFINS' BAKER'S DOZEN

The band were a hugely creative force during both lifetimes, combining intense, rehearsal intensive compositions with spirited free play, and moving effortlessly between musical boundaries and genres. They were one of the great American contemporary music ensembles of our time.

listen/share on Soundcloud: "Expected Freedom"" from THE MUFFINS' BAKER'S DOZEN

Baker’s Dozen is a 13 disc box set of nearly all previously unreleased live and studio recordings from 1975 - 2010! It includes 12 CDs, a DVD, and a huge, informative booklet. The entire box is a treasure trove of never seen and never heard material.

 “…fresh and genuinely exciting, with great writing, more textural variety in the arrangements, and more conviction, swagger, and even passion in the playing…the ability of the music to accommodate their wild and woolly energy says volumes about the easy confidence and vision of the working quartet… [that]…really has it all -- breadth, depth, intelligence, and creativity.” – ALLMUSIC

David Newhouse [b/r] - keyboards, reeds, percussion
Tom Scott [u/r] - reeds, percussion, keyboards
Paul Sears [l/l] - drums, percussion
Billy Swann  [u/l] - bass, guitar, percussion, vocals

listen/share on Soundcloud: "English" from THE MUFFINS' BAKER'S DOZEN

OCTOBER 28, 2022



Bio information: MIRIODOR
Format: CD / DIGITAL
Label: Cuneiform Records
Catalog #: Cuneiform Rune 498

Quebec’s MIRIODOR Makes Mind Movies
with a European Twist

that Feature Silly Stories and
Serious Musicianship

listen/share on Soundcloud: "Boomerang" from
Bernard Falaise - guitars, bass, keyboards, banjo, turntable
Pascal Globensky - keyboards, synthesizers, piano
Rémi Leclerc - drums, percussion, electronics

Under carefully controlled conditions—my place, after supper, and with wine in hand—four out of five listeners identified Miriodor as European. And four out of five listeners were wrong.
There’s no shame in this, though. There are no other bands in North America that sound even remotely like Miriodor, whose new album Elements is their 10th studio release since their founding in 1980, as well as their 10th for metro Washington DC's Cuneiform Records label. This likely has to do with where keyboardist Pascal Globensky, guitarist and bassist Bernard Falaise, and drummer Rémi Leclerc are based: the Canadian province of Quebec.
In other words, they’re a long way away from the rest of the continent. Granted, Canada’s second-most populous province is only 500 miles removed from the country’s biggest city, Toronto, and it’s even closer to the financial capital of the United States, New York City. On the cultural map, however, the region tilts towards Europe. French is the dominant language; relatively well-funded state schools prioritize the arts; and support for the creative industries is a point of national pride. (And make no mistake: Quebec is very much a nation within a nation.)
The province—and especially its largest city, Montreal—is home to several distinct strands of adventurous musical activity. There’s musique actuelle, rooted in free jazz but with a strong Quebecois accent; a number of internationally well-regarded modernist chamber ensembles; a burgeoning electroacoustic scene that has been well-documented by the empreintes DIGITALes label; and there are noisier rumblings from an avant-rock underground inspired and typified by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
On Elements, Miriodor touches on all of these. As an improvisor, Falaise is an important contributor to musique actuelle. Noise and distortion come to the fore midway through the fast-paced “Alambic”, while Magic Band–inspired sprung rhythms drive album-opener “Boomerang”. Meanwhile, the shape-shifting tour-de-force “Poulet-Bicyclette” opens with an aleatory interlude for synthesizer and minimal percussion that’s right out of the electroacoustic playbook, before wobbling into a deconstructed funky-chicken dance and, eventually, a sinister and sinuous dreamscape.
Rapid changes of tone and pacing are a Miriodor trademark. “There are many different landscapes in the same piece,” Globensky agrees. “Sometimes we’ll go see a concert and some band will be keeping the same beat for 10 or 12 or 15 minutes, and we’ll be looking at each other and saying ‘Why do we complicate our lives like that, changing all the time?’ But that’s the way we’re doing our music.”

Some critics have attributed this to Quebec’s well-documented love of Frank Zappa’s highly episodic music; the California radical had an especially large impact on musique actuelle. Yet Miriodor’s most obvious markers are European, for better or worse—and Globensky, for one, laments that the band is most often linked to the Rock in Opposition movement of the late 1970s.
There are parallels, for sure. Globensky admits a fondness for Belgium’s second-generation RIO act Aqsak Maboul, while the late Lars Hollmer, of Sweden’s Samla Mammas Manna, collaborated with the group on its 2005 release for Cuneiform, Parade. Closer to Globensky’s heart, however, is emblematic Canterbury quartet Hatfield and the North.
“We’re a bit like them in the sense that we’re unpretentious,” he explains. “We’re silly at times; even if there’s no words there’s kind of a humour in the music. And if we have to be compared to the Rock in Opposition founding bands, I think we’re more related to Samla than to Henry Cow or Univers Zero, which were more dark or more serious, if I may say.
“But the labelling thing is always dubious,” Globensky adds. “It’s good and bad at once.”
More important is that even though Miriodor is strictly an instrumental ensemble, its tunes always tell a story. “The music has to convey some images, or some cinematic aspect,” Globensky clarifies. “If we don’t see something in our mind, something moving in our head, we will discard it. We like that cinematic aspect.”
Often, he adds, the music is inspired by fantasies and in-jokes. “With the older albums, we were always fearful that when we were done with recording—on reel-to-reel tape—a monster would come at night and eat our tapes. We called it the Master Tape Eater, and there is a piece on the Mekano album that is related to that. They’re all silly stories like that.”
Although the three band members no longer live in close proximity—Globensky has remained in the Montreal suburb of Laval, but Falaise has moved to the countryside and Leclerc lives in Kamouraska, on the St. Lawrence River south of Quebec City—they’ve retained this sense of intimacy.
all Miriodor Elements photos by Marc Tessier
“We always see each other as a big machine with many cogs, if you see what I mean, with each of us being a different cog,” Globensky says.”Or we see ourselves as ants, working on an anthill. There’s a sense of being just a part of something bigger, and if you listen to our music you can see that there’s many layers and a lot of intertwining lines, nesting lines, and repeated lines. And there’s no clear definition of what Elements is all about, but I think it relates to that.
“Like many bands, we’re three individuals, but there is a huge respect for what the other people are doing,” he adds. “I think it shows in the music.”
And while Globensky cautions that Elements might be Miriodor’s last release, he also maintains that it’s their best.
“As we get older we learn stuff in life and we learn stuff about music, and I think we’re getting better at it,” he says with a philosophical laugh. “And that’s something I said to Rémi recently: ‘Well, it’s a bit of a shame if this is the last one, because we’re starting to get good!’”
buy/ hear Miriodor's Elements on Bandcamp:
~ ~ ~





Bio information: THUMBSCREW
Label: Cuneiform Records
Catalog #: Cuneiform Rune 485

The Core of a Spiraling Musical Universe,
the All-Star Collective Trio 
Marks a Spectacularly Vivid Decade 
by Adding New Instrumental Hues on 
featuring Bassist MICHAEL FORMANEK
Drummer/Vibraphonist TOMAS FUJIWARA 
and Guitarist MARY HALVORSON.

listen/share on Soundcloud: "Survival Fetish" from
At the center of a spiraling musical universe, Thumbscrew is like a reverse black hole radiating brilliant constellations of overlapping ensembles. The all-star trio is at the core, and they’re marking their 10th year as a collective endeavor – 2022 – looking ahead to new sonic territory rather than taking stock of a prodigiously creative decade. Celebrating this anniversary, Multicolored Midnight, the group’s seventh album for Cuneiform Records, is slated for release September 30, 2022. It features bassist Michael Formanek, drummer/vibraphonist Tomas Fujiwara, and guitarist Mary Halvorson on a set of 11 original pieces that oscillate between detailed composition, unbridled improvisation, and every gradation in between. It’s another step on an extraordinary journey by three of jazz’s most dauntless and resourceful artists.
The focus that each player brings to Thumbscrew and the dense web of experience they share is part of what makes the ensemble so extraordinary. Thumbscrew’s ongoing evolution is powered by a super-charged matrix of relationships, as all of the players also lead critically acclaimed bands built on the trio’s thrumming creative synergy. Beyond their work as a trio they’re the foundation for Formanek’s Ensemble Kolossus, the hair-raising and ridiculously talent-laden large ensemble that released its 2016 debut on ECM The Distance. Formanek joined Halvorson on Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up’s third release, the critically hailed 2015 album After All Is Said (482 Music). And Halvorson’s Thumbscrew bandmates are the foundation of her song-based band Code Girl. For Halvorson, Thumbscrew has become an invaluable creative foundation. “It’s one of my favorite rhythm sections to be a part of, the power and energy and everything we create together,” she said. “At this point, all of us have used this rhythm section as leaders.” 
Multicolored Midnight features music that Thumbscrew honed during a three-week residency at City of Asylum, a Pittsburgh program founded as a refuge for writers in exile. Since expanding its purview to include musicians, City of Asylum has become the fourth wheel powering Thumbscrew’s all-terrain evolution as the triumvirate fully utilizes the sequestration to generate and refine new pieces. Three of Thumbscrew’s prior albums had also been generated at City of Asylum. Multicolored Midnight grew out of the group’s fourth residency in August of 2021, which provided a welcome respite from the sudden and unnerving isolation imposed by the pandemic.
If there was an agenda for Multicolored Midnight, it centered on fully incorporating Fujiwara’s vibraphone work into the mix, a bright hue that surfaced briefly on Thumbscrew’s 2020 celebration of Anthony Braxton’s 75th birthday, The Anthony Braxton Project. Marking a decade doesn’t have quite the same panache as a diamond jubilee, “but we do feel like it’s a big deal,” Formanek said. “That’s a lot of time for a cooperative band, and the residencies are a big part of what’s allowed us to dive in deeper and keep creating new music.”
The album opens with the tightly constructed I'm A Senator!,” one of five tunes that Formanek contributed to the project. It’s a wicked little groove that features some sharp Halvorson chordal work sandwiching her vertiginous bottom-falling-out single note runs. The bassist built “Shit Changes” on Fujiwara’s vibes ostinato, which feeds the mysterious, slowly blossoming melody. Mutations occur but the bloom is hardy. Formanek draws on many sources when it comes to titling his tunes, often settling on a word or phrase that has little direct connection to the piece. And then there’s “Fidgety,” which captures an anxious, unsettled mood from the opening bass solo, which Formanek bends and contours with some deft electronic processing. It’s his first use of electronics on double bass in Thumbscrew, adding another sonic resource to the growing palette. He’s at his most tuneful on “Capsicum Annuum,” a song-like tune that builds to a brief thrashing passage before the trio returns to the alluring melody. The intriguing line references the forward-and-backward phrase ideas that Formanek has explored elsewhere in a series of palindromic tunes.
Fujiwara brought three tunes to the program, including “Song For Mr. Humphries,” a tribute to Pittsburgh drum maestro Roger Humphries, the well-traveled veteran who played on Horace Silver’s 1965 classic Song For My Father. Propelled by a quirky, vaulting bassline, the tune grows more intricate and less rhythmically stable as it progresses. It isn’t based on anything that Humphries plays. Rather, it’s a thank you for his generosity and ongoing contributions to the music. He actually lives a few blocks from City of Asylum and on Thumbscrew’s first residency City of Asylum co-founders Diane Samuels and Henry Reese made a point of mentioning him. “He still plays around town all the time,” Fujiwara said. “We went and checked him out and his feel and sound is amazing, so classic and specific. Every time I go to Pittsburgh I hear him play and I go to his house for a lesson and a hang.”
The pandemic experience doesn’t surface directly on the album often, though Fujiwara’s “Future Reruns and Nostalgia” evokes the prickly, surreal suspension of time that marked the first months of sheltering in place. The chiming notes on the vibes that open the piece seem to toll for all of us as Formanek’s squally arco bass work ratchets up the pressure. The melody ascends and hangs in the air. Halvorson also contributed three pieces to Multicolored Midnight, including the title track, a stuttery tune with an almost folk-song like theme driven by her strummed chords. An improviser and composer of dry and poker-faced wit, she builds a repeating figure into the angular melody that was inspired by the sound of a skipping LP. On “Swirling Lives” she creates an almost chamber jazz setting for Fujiwara’s vibes. There’s a melodic line running through the tune that’s carried by all three players at different points and as the pace accelerates to a sprint the chamber piece takes on the feel of a frantic game of hide and seek. Playful, mischievous and insistently present tense, this is music that illuminates each moment’s vast possibilities.
An album laden with fully realized connections and reflections, Multicolored Midnight also provides tantalizing hints regarding Thumbscrew’s future explorations. Integrating new textures, sounds and concepts, Thumbscrew has turned into an essential all-terrain vehicle for three of improvised music’s most venturesome artists. After a decade of coaxing and inspiring each other, the trio’s musical universe just keeps expanding, and Multicolored Midnight sheds dazzling light on where they’ll be heading next.
~ ~ ~
Michael Formanek – Double Bass and Electronics.
                                Compositions for Tracks 1, 4, 5, 8 & 10
Tomas Fujiwara – Drums and Vibraphone.
                             Compositions for Tracks 2, 7 & 11
Mary Halvorson – Guitar.  Compositions for Tracks 3, 6 & 9
Recorded September 2–3, 2021 at The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, New York by Aaron Nevezie. Mixed by Aaron Nevezie. Mastered by Alex DeTurk. Produced by Thumbscrew.

Artwork and Design by Madeline Sturm.
Band photos by Brian Cohen.

Press Release Download (PDF)
buy / listen to Multicolored Midnight on Bandcamp:

~ ~ ~

November 11 - Jazz Gallery - 1160 Broadway (at 27th St), 5th Floor - NYC, NY 

November 12 - Jazz Gallery - 1160 Broadway (at 27th St), 5th Floor - NYC, NY 
(scroll below or click on CUNEIFORM ARTISTS ON TOUR: THUMBSCREW )
~ ~ ~

Thumbscrew’s first gig as a collective trio was on March 11, 2012.  Since then, the all-star trio has been in high demand for performances at jazz and New Music festivals worldwide.  They have played at such North American festivals as the Vancouver Jazz Festival, Monterrey Jazz Festival, Atlanta Jazz Festival, Philadelphia whatever Jazz Festival, and the wildly popular beyond-genre Big Ears Festival.  Thumbscrew has also played numerous festivals overseas, touring Europe and the Middle East.  In addition, they’ve played at and/or served residencies at numerous high-profile venues worldwide, including the Village Vanguard (NYC), Walker Arts Center (Minneapolis), Blues Alley (Washington DC), and many more. Featuring the trio’s masterful and near-intuitive interplay, consummate level of skill, distinctive compositions, and joy de vivre onstage, Thumbscrew’s live shows have become legendary, instilling audiences with awe and generating positive reviews in the music press.

Thumbscrew’s recorded music has likewise received worldwide acclaim. Counting its newest release, Multicolored Midnight, the band has released seven albums since 2014, all on Cuneiform Records. These albums received an impressive amount of press worldwide, including numerous 4-star reviews and/or spotlights in DownBeat and other jazz magazines, in addition to being named in numerous Best Jazz Albums of Year lists globally.  In addition, the Thumbscrew trio and its individual members have been cited in various Best of Year lists for Musicians, Rising Star Artists, and Rising Star Ensembles.  

A decade into its existence as a band, Thumbscrew has compiled an impressive, rock-solid legacy. The stellar artists of this unique cooperative look forward to building further on this strong foundation, launching new sonic journeys for Thumbscrew as well as utilizing the trio as the rhythmic heart in many of their individual large ensembles.    

TOMAS FUJIWARA            
more info: // //

MARY HALVORSON                      
more info: //
for in-depth band bio, discography & other info, click image & read this eblast: 
~ ~ ~

released SEPTEMBER 16, 2022





Label: Cuneiform Records
Catalog #: Cuneiform Rune 3360

Michigan's Mid-'70s Cutting-Edge Piano with Reeds Ensemble
Explore a World of Polyrhythms and 20th Century Classical Techniques on their Final Recording  

listen/share on Soundcloud: "Batt Masterdon" from

The Fourth World Quartet formed in February 1975 at Thomas Jefferson College. Roger Miller, the quartet's original pianist, left the group in April. By the end of that month, Denman Maroney, who taught composition for the remaining member's – Benjamin and Laurence Miller and Jack Waterstone – suggested joining the band as their new pianist. The members were thrilled. 

Denman was an undergraduate student from 1967-71 at Williams College. There he spent time at Bennington, where Bill Dixon and Jimmy Garrison filled his head with Coltrane, Ayler, Coleman, Taylor, etc. From 1972-74, Denman attended Cal. Arts, where Jim Tenney, Mort Subotnick, Lucky Mosco, and Ingram Marshall filled his head with Ives, Joplin, Messiaen, Ligeti, Stockhausen, Varèse, etc. 

Thanks to CalArts teacher John Bergamo, Denman got a job teaching at Thomas Jefferson College. There, Denman and choreographer Beverly Brown taught a course called Sound & Movement where this new Fourth World Quartet was collaborating for the class. Both band and dance students worked together, forging ahead with free improvisation on a regular basis. The Fourth World Quartet performed at a TJC Music Performance and a house party in Ann Arbor in April, and again at Grand Valley State College Graduation Picnic in June 1975.

At the end of the school year, Denman was offered the same teaching position at Thomas Jefferson College with less pay and thus he left for New York City. Laurence, Benjamin and Jack continued composing and trying material out with other ensembles that never quite took shape until early 1976 when their efforts dissolved.

Previous aspects of the earlier version of the band (see 1975, released on Cuneiform Records), which included psychedelic guitar, changed when the newly reformed quartet focused further on 20th Century techniques along with Denman's exploration in using advanced polyrhythms.

Here is the Fourth World Quartet's final document: Grand Bland Vapid Rapids.

buy / listen to The Fourth World Quartet's Grand Bland Vapid Rapids on Bandcamp:

Denman Maroney: piano, conductor on #1 and #8, composer
Benjamin R. Miller: alto saxophone, electric guitar on #9, composer
Laurence B. Miller: bass clarinette, composer
Jack Waterstone: alto and tenor saxophone, composer

Recorded June 4, 1975 in “The Den” at Thomas Jefferson College, Allendale, Michigan
except 1, 5, 6, 8 & 10 recorded June 5, 1975 at the Grand Valley State College Graduation Picnic.
Recording engineer Rick Scott on a Braun tape recorder.
A big thanks for Dan Gunning in assisting with digitization of master tapes.
Mastered by Ian Beabout, ShedSounds Studio.
~ ~ ~


Tomeka Reid Quartet (new studio album) [USA]
Radio Massacre International - Galactic Furnace [UK]

Soft Machine - The Dutch Lesson (previously unreleased live recordings 10/26/73) [UK]

CONGRATULATIONS to cellist / composer TOMEKA REID,

Listen to Old New, Tomeka Reid's 2019 release on Cuneiform Records:

And stay tuned for new Cuneiform releases by Reid and others in 2023!

The building in downtown Silver Spring, MD (the DMV!) in which Cuneiform Records (since 1984) and Wayside Music (since 1980) have had their offices for more than 20 years has been sold, and will soon be demolished.  We are moving.  Once resettled, we look forward to continuing to release great music by some of the best avant garde musicians in the world. 



In an evolving COVID-19 world, these dates are ALL tentative. Please check with venues, close to the concert date, to confirm. We're ecstatic that live concerts are resuming in many locales, and look forward to music venues and concert halls opening worldwide, when health and safety measures allow.

See also the Tours Page at Cuneiform Records.


"The first time I saw Portland's Blue Cranes live, I walked away trying to compare what I'd seen to anything I'd encountered before. I couldn't do it, and I still can't - the band is a force of nature.... Call it "creative music" or "post-jazz" or whatever you like, but the Blue Cranes sound is steeped in the ideas and concepts of jazz....a beautifully improvised sonic experience." 
NPR/A Blog Supreme

November 3 - The Old Church- 1422 SW 11th Ave - Portland, OR 97201 [with Battle Trance
Listen to & buy:



"The Brotherhood Of Breath’ is fully deserving of legend status. Founded by pianist-composer Chris McGregor in the late ‘60s the big band was a joyous, raucous, highly adventurous blend of South African and British jazz that partly picked up where the pioneering ‘Blue Notes’ left off. Township riffs, swing and avant-garde came together in an ensemble boasting icons such as Dudu Pukwana, Evan Parker, Louis Moholo and Harry Beckett.” 
Kevin Le Gendre – Jazz Line Up
[Experience the joyous music of Brotherhood Of Breath featuring members of the original line-up alongside some of the brightest stars in British jazz using some of the original charts, as well as performing new work. Click for more info!]

December 17  - CLF Art Lounge - 4a Station Way - London SE15 4RX

Workshops: info here


Listen to & buy albums by the original Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath: 




"The music here walks a wide loop around Soft Machine and Magma, Univers Zero and Henry Cow, Miles Davis and Miriodor, Van Der Graaf Generator and Art Zoyd. It's impeccably assembled and played, while freely indulging the more insane aspects of progressive rock, avant-garde chamber music, and electric jazz....Despite the musical sophistication and adventure on Live at Yoshiwara, this music is extremely accessible to a wide swathe of listeners. Its release signals the magnificent arrival of Ghost Rhythms on American shores. Get it now." – AllMusic

November 26 -  Médiathèque Marguerite Duras - 115, rue de Bagnolet - 75020, Paris, France
Listen to & buy:  Spectral Music  //  Live at Yoshiwara



The exuberant Swiss jazz/ pop/ beyond group - named after the American triple-Gold Medal winner at the 1904 Summer Olympics - are one of the most active groups on the European festival and club circuit, top-notch live performers ceaselessly honing their skills.

December 2 -  Hombis Salon - Zürich, Switzerland

December 3 - Jazzclub Villingen - Villengen, Germany

December 4 - Jazzverein - Aachen, Germany

Listen to & buy: Tilt


“DC's strings/ electronics/ vocal duo, Janel & Anthony, are 
globally-renowned musicians who create beautiful beyond-genre/ avant/ experimental music.  
The all-star duo consists of cellist/ electronic musician/ vocalist Janel Leppin-Pirog (Janel Leppin's Ensemble Volcanic Ash; Mellow Diamond) & guitarist/ electronic musician Anthony Pirog (
Anthony Pirog Trio, Messthetics, Spellcasters, Five Times Surprise).

 November 9 - Rhizome - 6950 Maple St NW - Washington DC 20012 [with Ryley Walker/J.R. Bohannon]


Listen to & buy:
Where Is Home


Grammy winner Henry Kaiser is widely recognized as one of the most creative and innovative guitarists, improvisers, and producers in the fields of rock, jazz, world, and contemporary experimental musics.

THE HENRY KAISER MONTHLY SOLO SERIES, presented exclusively on the CUNEIFORM RECORDS YouTube Channel

 When Covid pandemic lockdowns began in 2020, Henry Kaiser began curating & presenting a weekly series of pre-recorded music videos exclusively on Cuneiform's YouTube Channel for music lovers isolating at home. These "live" concerts are taped beforehand and not streamed - Henry discusses the process in a Guitar Moderne interview, "The New "Live"".  Many videos in the series depict duets and larger bands, despite the program being called the "Henry Kaiser Weekly Solo Series".  While many depict new or recent performances, other videos in this series are vintage footage of performances not available elsewhere (The Valentines' 1994 concert in the Fukuoka Dome).

After lockdowns began to lift In April 2021, the series celebrated its one-year anniversary and converted to a monthly format, which continues!  All 52 videos from the Henry Kaiser's Weekly Series and everything in the current Monthly Series are archived & available on Cuneiform's YouTube Channel.  

We invite you to visit and follow Cuneiform Record's YouTube Channel to see the videos that Henry presents on the first of every month. The September 1, 2022 video is Henry Kaiser Monthly Solo # #18: A Bunch Of Guitars - Then and Now.

Most recently, in addition to his monthly video series, Kaiser occasionally presents videos with free guitar lessons, focusing on tunes associated with legendary guitarists. His September 2022 guitar lesson video, focusing on the whole tone scale and Sonny Sharrock, is titled The Whole Tone Scale! Sonny Sharrock’s DICK DOGS lesson with Henry Kaiser.

Besides his work as a musician, Kaiser is also a scientific diver and underwater videographer in the U.S. Antarctic program. Several of his Solo Series videos on the Cuneiform channel feature Henry's stunning underwater videography in addition to his guitar playing, as in this stunning video from May 2020:  HENRY KAISER : Cuneiform Weekly Solo #2 : Under The Ice Again .

Because all videos are archived on the Cuneiform Records' YouTube Channel, you can watch anything in the series at any time.

Listen to & buy:
Albums by Henry Kaiser & Friends  on Cuneiform

A Love Supreme Electric [Vinny Golia / John Hanrahan / Henry Kaiser / Wayne Peet / Mike Watt]:
A Love Supreme Electric: A Love Supreme and Meditations 

Yo Miles!: Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith: Sky Garden & Upriver

Five Times Surprise [Henry Kaiser / Anthony Pirog / Tracy Silverman / Jeff Sipe / Andy West]: 
Five Times Surprise

Henry Kaiser & Ray Russell: 
The Celestial Squid

Henry Kaiser: Lemon Fish Tweezer;
Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser: Friends & Enemies 


Healing Force [Vinny Golia • Aurora Josephson • Henry Kaiser • Mike Keneally • Joe Morris • Damon Smith • Weasel Walter]:
Healing Force:  The Songs of Albert Ayler        

V.A.: 156 Strings: Nineteen Totally Original Acoustic Guitarists


“This is the sound of a band having fun… like a hot chainsaw through butter." — The Wire

"You’ll be hard pressed to keep the lid on this explosive tour de force of ensemble intelligence" – The Independent

"One of the UK’s most adventurous groups" – Jazzwise

Described as “a lean, mean, improv-rocking jazz machine” by Time Out, Led Bib’s ability to blend groove, improvisation, thrash and everything in-between means that live shows by these UK 2014 Mercury Prize nominees have become renowned for carrying along their audiences with an infectious energy.  

November 20 - London Jazz Festival - The Vortex - London, UK

Listen to & buy:
The Good EggThe People in Your NeighbourhoodBring Your Own,Sensible Shoes




“Less a recital than a musical minefield... Miller is a man in constant motion, a one-man symphony." – Boston Globe

Roger Clark Miller (Mission of Burma; Alloy Orchestra; Birdsongs of Mesozoic) celebrates Cuneiform Records' release of Eight Dream Interpretations for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble with a series of concerts presenting that music in New England. 


November 4 - with Anvil Orchestra [live soundtracks to silent films] - AFI Silver Theater [Man With A Movie Camera 1929] - Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, MD

November 5 - 2 pm - with Anvil Orchestra [live soundtracks to silent films] - AFI Silver Theater [Phantom Of The Opera 1925] - Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, MD

November 5 - 4:30 pm - with Anvil Orchestra [live soundtracks to silent films] - AFI Silver Theater [Blackmail  1929] - Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, MD

November 6 - with Anvil Orchestra [live soundtracks to silent films] - National Gallery of Art [The History Of The Civil War] - Washington, DC

December 2 - [Roger Clark Miller's solo electric guitar ensemble] - 3S Artspace - Portsmouth, NH

Listen to & buy:
Eight Dream Interpretations for Electric Guitar Ensemble 



"Twenty-first century big-band music doesn’t get more exciting
and impressive than this."
– Jazz Times

An astounding 18 piece jazz ensemble of five woodwind players, four trumpeters, three trombonists, two keyboardists, guitar, violin, bass and drums, led by arranger, composer & saxophonist Ed Palermo, one of America's most singular arrangers who draws on jazz, pop and rock tunes for his top-notch band. There are a number of ensembles performing the music of Frank Zappa, one of the greatest American composers of the 20th century, but no one does it with the ease, skill and originality that Ed and his band do!
Don't miss seeing the ED PALERMO BIG BAND live!

November 28 - The Iridium - 1650 Broadway - NYC, NY

December 17 - The Falcon - 1348 Rte 9W - Marlboro, NY 12542

December 19 - Iridium - 1650 Broadway (at 51st St) - NYC, NY


Listen to & buy:
Ed Palermo Big Band albums on Cuneiform:

The Adventures of Zoyd Zundgren //
The Great Un-American Songbook Vols. 1&2  //
One Child Left Behind //

Oh No! Not Jazz!!  //
Eddy Loves Frank. // 
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance




One of France's major experimental musicians and a key figure in the development of electronic rock, guitarist and electronic musician Richard Pinhas will perform in 2021 in France and beyond in various groupings.

November 8 - ESAD - University Ballroom - Angiers, France [solo]

November 9 - ESAD - University Ballroom - Angiers, France [wtih Palo Alto]

November 19 - Just Drop In Records - FarGo Village -  Far Gosford Street - Coventry, UK

November 21 - Cafe Oto - 18-22 Ashwin St - London E8, UK

November 23 - Les instants Chavirés - 7, rue Richard-Lenoir - 93100 Montreuil, France


Listen to & buy releases by Richard Pinhas & friends on Cuneiform:

Process and Reality
Desolation Row
Event & Repetitions


Richard Pinhas &
Oren Am


Richard Pinhas & Merzbow:  
Keio Line / Rhizome / Paris 2008


Schizotrope (Richard Pinhas & Maurice Dantec):
 The Life & Death of Marie Zorn



"[Palo Colorado Dream] covers a sprawling musical terrain–avant jazz, atmospheric soundscapes, earthy Americana, math-rock...with an arsenal of effects hardware and studio production techniques..."
– JazzTimes

"One of jazz’s most reliable conduits to a living, breathing audience is electric-guitar heroism, and Anthony Pirog, from Washington...seems poised to become a hero of the instrument."
– The New York Times


November 12 - Capital Audiofest - Olives Bar - The Twinbrook Hilton - 1750 Rockville Pike - Rockville, MD 20852 [trio with Janel Leppin and Ele Rubenstein]

Listen to & buy:
Pocket Poem; Palo Colorado Dream



"The Best Music of 2015: A Banner Year for the Bold: …here are a dozen albums released in 2015 that I savored repeatedly for their musicality, clarity of statement and courage. …“X” by Schnellertollermeier marries brutality to avant-garde rock and jazz. A classic power trio from Switzerland, the band plays with punk fury and dazzling technical dexterity to create booming, bone-rattling music that stalks, confronts and astonishes.”
The Wall Street Journal

Schnellertollermeier's clear-cut approach burns itself into one's memory; audiences who have seen the trio (bassist Andi Schnellmann/ guitarist ManuelTroller / percussionist David Meier) live describe their music as “stunning”, “minimalist”, “brutal”, “decisive”, “monumental”, “angry”, “controlled”, “captivating” or “radical”.  Simply fantastic.


2023 shows

January 21 - Gaswerk - Untere Schöntalstrasse 19 - Winterthur, Switzerland

January 27 - Northern Winter Beat Festival 2023 - Gammeltorv 10 - Aalborg, Denmark

March 4 - L'Échandole - Rue du Casino 9 - Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

Listen to & buy:
5, Rights, X


Thumbscrew is the all-star collaborative trio of Mary Halvorson (guitar), Tomas Fujiwara (drums), and Michael Formanek (acoustic bass). Thumbscrew's critically acclaimed albums, all on Cuneiform Records, have appeared on Best of Year lists worldwide. Thumbscrew perform  frequently at festivals and served numerous residencies at art centers and prominent venues in the US and abroad. I September 2022, in celebration of their 10th Anniversary, Thumbscrew will release their 7th album on Cuneiform Records: Multicolored Midnight.
“Made up of three highly distinctive voices in the world of jazz and avant-garde music, Thumbscrew should probably collapse under the weight of its own star power but Tomas Fujiwara (drums), Mary Halvorson (electric guitar) and Michael Formanek (acoustic bass) are just too aware of the potential of this supertrio to let that happen.”  – Something Else!

2022 is THUMBSCREW's 10th Anniversary year!  Celebrate with them as they release a new recording – Multicolor Midnight – on Cuneiform in September, tour Europe in October, and celebrate with record release shows in NY 

November 11 - Jazz Gallery - 1160 Broadway (at 27th St), 5th Floor - NYC, NY [record release show!]

November 12 - Jazz Gallery - 1160 Broadway (at 27th St), 5th Floor - NYC, NY [record release show!]

Listen to & buy:
 Never Is Enough,

The Anthony Braxton Project



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– NOVEMBER 2022 –

It's late Fall in the Northern hemisphere, and the trees are ablaze with vibrant color.  The daytime air is crisp and clean, while the nights grow cooler, with veils of  mist and frost hinting of  winter.  The holiday season is not far away...

As the holiday season approaches, please remember to be good to yourself by staying cautious of Covid, and be good to others by keeping your heart open to those less fortunate. The Pandemic continues to flare unexpectedly worldwide, like an underground fire in the forest.  In many places around the world,  raging fires and catastrophic floods and hurricanes stoked by Climate Change claim homes and lives.  Thousands in Fort Myers FL & beyond lost their homes, jobs and everything they owned due to Hurricane Ian (9/28-29/2022), and more than a month later, many Lee Co. areas remain without electricity, water and sufficient emergency housing.  Elsewhere in the world, it is humans who are daily causing unprecedented destruction.  War continues to rage in Ukraine, where Russian bombs have destroyed countless schools, hospitals, homes, workplaces and towns. 

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine following Russian missile strike 10/22
Photos of post-Ian Fort Myers Beach, FL 10/22; resident walking with search & rescue worker
Wherever you are globally or politically, please practice kindness to humanity, to mankind, in these tumultuous and troubling times.  Remember that Nature can help shield and solace our troubled hearts  in times of illness or war or political turmoil.  And also:  know that Music can make a positive difference in our lives, and help us survive psychologically and spiritually in evolving and uncertain times. 
For those of us fortunate to see live music this fall: please remember to always check with the venue to make sure a concert is happening. Unexpected Covid surges can cause last-minute closures.  

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