Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tatvamasi's 'Parts of the Entirety' Tour de France: September 2014

'Parts of the Entirety' - Tour de France

Born out of cataclysm and nurtured in silence and solitude, the music of Tatvamasi reveals hidden depths of the Polish soul. Tatvamasi is an extraordinary instrumental ensemble that plays scorching, uncategorizable music defined by searing tenor sax riffs, cutting electric guitar, and a loose and sinewy rhythm section of electric bass and drums. With the release of their debut album Parts of The Entirety, Tatvamasi opens up new territory, bringing the narrative heft of jazz to the sturdy forms of folk music.

The band traces its origins back to a devastating 2003 car crash that left their guitarist and composer hospitalized for many months. During his long recovery, he constructed a vividly detailed, emotionally probing and spiritually numinous musical world that he christened Tatvamasi.
Brimming with life and incident, and recorded completely live in the studio, the music here reflects a remarkable journey.


Sep 4 - Nancy, France - WEBTV 

Sep 5 - Nancy, France - Le Festival International du Film Nancy-Lorraine  (

Sep 6 - Clermont, France - Ferrand - Raymond Bar 

Sep 8 - Orleans, France - Le 108 

Sep 9 - Tours, France - Comptior Colette's

Sep 11 - Montpellier, France - Black Out

Sep 12 - Toulouse, France - Amanita Muscaria

Sep 13 - Paris, France - Cirque Electrique

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