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Schnellertollermeier Tours Europe March-June 2016

Schnellertollermeier Tour Europe 2016

Tours Europe
March-June 2016

The brutal-jazz power trio Schnellertollermeier (guitarist Manuel Troller, bassist Andi Schnellmann, and drummer David Meier) doesn't screw around. Their uncompromising attitude is even apparent before you hear a note of their music -- it's right there in that deliberate tongue-twister of a name. Their fresh and uncompromising mix of jazz, punk, rock, sound and free improvised music, combined with great musicianship, interplay and a lot of energy, immediately hits the bullseye!

The trio is ON TOUR NOW!

[WATCH: Schnellertollermeier @ Schaffhauser Jazzfestival 2015]

“Together [Schnellertollermeier] operate as one compact organism. This organism is savage and dangerous, but can be caressing and dreamy when it wants to…. They search for, and explore the unusual… It’s safe to say there’s nothing quite like Schnellertollermeier’s music out there at the moment. With X, we get the trio at its finest form, twisting, stabbing and swirling, with full, merciless power. Elements of rock, jazz, metal, noise, industrial and ambient, are all there, but woven and merged in a genre-defying way. The six compositions simply burst with electrifying energy and edgy experimentalism, providing a skull-shattering, mind-boggling and body-stimulating experience. X is ambitious and wonderfully bizarre and hectic."
- Igloo Magazine


"The Best Music of 2015 - A Banner Year for  the Bold: Schnellertollermeier...marries brutality to avant-garde rock and jazz. A classic power trio from Switzerland, the band plays with punk fury and a dazzling technical dexterity to create booming, bone-rattling music that stalks, confronts, and astonishes.”
- Wall Street Journal

 European Tour Dates 2016

Friday, March 11
8:30 PM
 The Grand Social
35 Lr Liffey Street
Dublin, Ireland- Dublin, Ireland

Sunday, March 13

 Drop The Dumbulls
Slater St
Liverpool L1 4BX, United Kingdom

Monday, March 14

Mothers Ruin
7-9 St Nicholas St
BS1 1UE, Bristol, UK

Wednesday, March 16
8:30 PM

5 Clarendon Rd
London N22 6XJ, United Kingdom

Thursday, March 17

Number 39
Hopstar Brewery Tap 39-41
Bridge Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 2AA Darwen, UK

Friday, March 18
9 Burley St
Leeds LS3 1LD, United Kingdom

Saturday, March 19

Dulcimer Bar
567 Wilbraham Rd
Manchester M21 0AE, United Kingdom

Wednesday, March 23

 "Mal Acht" at Südpol
Arsenalstrasse 28
6010 Kriens
Luzern, Switzerland

Wednseday, March 30

"Mal Acht" at Südpol
Arsenalstrasse 28
6010 Kriens
Luzern, Switzerland

Friday, April 1

Grabenstrasse 57
8500 Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Wednesday, April 27

"Mal Acht" at Südpol
Arsenalstrasse 28
6010 Kriens
Luzern, Switzerland

Tuesday, May 3
"Mal Acht" at Südpol

Arsenalstrasse 28
6010 Kriens
 Luzern, Switzerland

Thursday, May 12

Bahnhofplatz 2 (Posthalle)
97080 Würzburg, Germany

Friday, May 13

 Moers Festival
Moers Kultur GmbH
Ostring 9
47441 Röhre - Moers, Germany

Wednesday, June 1

"Mal Acht" at Südpol
Arsenalstrasse 28
6010 Kriens
Luzern, Switzerland

Wednesday, June 15

"Mal Acht" at Südpol
Arsenalstrasse 28
6010 Kriens
Luzern, Switzerland

Saturday, June 25

Bau 4
Albüron, Switzerland

Saturday, June 25

"Mal Acht" at Südpol
Arsenalstrasse 28
6010 Kriens
Luzern, Switzerland

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On X, Switzerland’s Underground-Rock Emerging Stars
Sharpen their Edge, Intensify their Vision
& Carve Out a Spot on the Global Stage

“Schnellertollermeier’s X makes a statement about what is possible for the guitar trio in terms of composition and performance in the 21st century, yet asks many new — and at the moment unanswerable — questions about them as well. It rocks.”
- AllMusic


STREAM/SHARE: "X" [excerpt]

Cat. #: Rune 402, Format: CD / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
Genre: Rock / Experimental / Brutal Jazz / Minimalist Rock

Schnellertollermeier is
Andi Schnellmann
- Bass
Manuel Troller - Guitar
David Meier - Drums

All arrangements by Schnellertollermeier.
Compositions 1, 5, 6 by Troller; 3 by Meier; 2 & 4 by Schnellmann/Troller/Meier.

Engineered by Willy Strehler
Recorded in April 2013 by Thomas Gabriel at Gabriel Recording, Stalden, Switzerland
Mixed by Willy Strehler and Schnellertollermeier at Klangdach, Guntershausen, Switzerland
Mastered by Willy Strehler
Design and band photo by Camillo Paravicini
Produced by Schnellertollermeier
Co-produced by The Lucerne School of Music

Brutal jazz /minimalist rock power trio Schnellertollermeier don’t screw around. Their uncompromising attitude is even apparent before you hear a note of their music -- it's right there in that deliberate tongue-twister of a name. On X, their Cuneiform Records debut, Schnellertollermeier boldly emerge from their key position in Switzerland’s underground rock scene with sharpened sonic knives, dialed up intensity, and laser-edged tunes to carve out a spot for themselves on the international stage. X is the young trio’s third recording, and in it they don't merely redefine their sound, they reinvent it. The tunes the band came up with -- after cloistering themselves away in a house in the Swiss mountains that served as their musical mad-scientist's laboratory -- recast the traditional function of the guitar-bass-drums lineup, expanding it into new territory and combining the brute force of Schnellertollermeier's 2008 debut with the conceptualism of their second album for something that's ultimately beyond the scope of either one. The Alps had given the trio space to let their imaginations soar. Against the sublime mountain backdrop, they perfected stark, powerful compositions and expanded their ideas. While later recording, they continued their experiments, playing with sound, and even recording reflections on glass to enhance their music’s natural brilliance.

The resultant album, X, is a masterful work of instrumental musical intensity. The songs, whether long or short, crushing or ambient, have absolutely no padding on them. The challenging, sometimes downright confrontational mix of jazz, minimalism, experimental rock, noise, punk, free improv, modern composition, avant-garde and electronic influences erupting throughout X is what this genre-blind trio of 30-year-old musicians effortlessly, even unconsciously, does, obeying only internal logic. Refreshing, highly-energized and original, their music can perhaps be compared with other beyond-genre bands, a crossing of Zs, Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog and Ben Frost.

The album is named for the 20-minute title suite that occupies its first half, though "occupies" is probably too passive a term for a piece that alternately hammers you into submission and plays a haunting hide-and-seek game with your nervous system via its sturm und drang dynamics and breathtaking stop-start structures. “X,” the record's centrepiece, is a suite composed of four parts, and named after the letter that “stands for these four parts”.  On “X,” the trio aimed to become more like a single mighty instrument than three distinct players. It's an idea that can be traced at least as far back as Ornette Coleman's concept of "harmolodic" music, where the whole band is playing the melody, harmony, and rhythm together instead of individual instruments staking out exclusive territory. But when it comes into play via the piledriver rhythms and crushing riffs of this album's namesake cut, it makes for a strikingly visceral impact – you don't so much listen to the music as feel it…in your gut.

The rest of the record hits just as hard, even when the band drops the dynamics down a touch. Just as it was originally envisioned, X is truly the sound of Schneller, Troller, and Meier disappearing into the bigger, bolder entity that is Schnellertollermeier, from the almost tribal beats of "Backyard Lipstick" to the careful balance between control and chaos played out in "Riot," which offers an idea of what it might feel like to live inside a cuckoo clock; from the dark ambience of "Sing for Me" to the thrash-progfrenzy of "Massacre Du Printemps" and the cinematic sprawl of the expansive-but-urgent minimal/post-rock closing cut, challengingly titled "///\\\///."

Listening to the album, one doesn’t focus on any single performer; in fact, the band felt that here it had finally achieved its goal to “sound like one compact organism, with every element having its own importance and clear function.” Schnellertollermeier’s very name celebrates the fact that it is a single-minded entity, a trio of musicians melding their minds and functioning as a single organism. The band’s name is a creative -- as opposed to literal -- combination of the 3 members' surnames. Guitarist Manuel Troller, bassist Andi Schnellmann, and drummer David Meier, are all eclectic souls versed in the realms of rock, jazz, classical, and more. Schnellmann earned a degree from the Jazz School of Lucerne and toured with the international Swiss Pop Star Sophie Hunger; so did Troller, who studied with British art-rock guitar legend Fred Frith and has collaborated with for example famed U.S. jazz drummer/composer Gerry Hemingway and internationally acclaimed jazz-funk conceptualists Nik Bartsch's Ronin Rhythm Clan; Meier also works with improv outfit Things to Sounds, plays in Christoph Gallio’s Day & Taxi and in the international band Trio Riot among others.

While two of the bandmembers had known each other since High School, Schnellertollermeier formed in 2006, when their paths again crossed at the School of Music in Lucerne. They made their debut recording in 2008, the album Holz, whose influences ranged from Tim Berne to John Abercrombie to Mr. Bungle and more. Blending fiercely heavy rock, left-field jazz, and daring free improv in a dizzying sonic swirl, Holz struck a sonic nerve in Switzerland and generated significant buzz. The album and frequent live shows helped transform Schnellertollermeier into underground sensations. The trio soon started working on new material, seeking a more personal sound, both compositionally and improvisationally. The follow-up album, Zorn einen ehmer üttert stem!! (Veto Records), came out in 2010. It simultaneously expanded and refined the band's musical vocabulary, as new elements from modern classical music, minimal and experimental music, and noise found their way into Schnellertollermeier’s playing and composing. Enthusiastically received by critics and the public alike, Zorn… led to Schnellertollermeier playing in prized clubs in their homeland, and in numerous festival performances abroad, from Austria to Russia.

On X, Schnellertollermeier transformed their sound again into something new, and larger; former 'traditional jazz' elements have been subsumed by the brute energy from rock and experimental music, as well as improvisational soundscapes, minimal music and, finally, jazz in the modern, broad, experimental sense. After writing their compositions in the Alps, and before recording, the group test the material on the road, touring extensively in Switzerland, Russia and Austria.

Finally, they painstakingly recorded it, going beyond any procedures they’d previously done on their own or others’ recordings. In their words:

“For the recording, we also did a lot of research, planned the room/studio/miking-situation really precisely. We used many more microphones than we ever did before (also more than in other bands’ recordings) – For example, the drums and its room were recorded with 14 microphones, also recording the reflections on glass to get a lot of natural brilliance. As you would imagine, the mixing process was exciting, but also sometimes a b****“!”

With the intensity ratcheted up even further than before, the compositional approach more all-encompassing than on previous albums, and the overall sonic heft of the band reaching what can only be considered maximum capacity (at least for normal human beings), X stands as Schnellertollermeier's most resonant recording to date. Following X’s worldwide release, Schnellertollermeier will be touring extensively in Switzerland and at jazz, rock and experimental music festivals abroad.

If you'd like to share music from this release with your readers/listeners, please feel free to use the following track:



“This young Swiss trio with the tongue twister moniker… helps redefine the conventional guitar-led power trio format and succeeds on many fronts. It's an adrenalized outfit that abides by a thunderous posture, amalgamating progressive rock, metal, minimalism and Sci-Fi style free improvisation amid devastating bass and drums interactions. At times, the band's high-volume force-field could make Black Sabbath sound like a hotel lounge act. “
- All About Jazz

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