Monday, April 14, 2014

HAPPY SPRING 2014!!! Everything is in bloom here in DC, and we're in the mood to celebrate.

It's Cuneiform Records' 30th year –  led by Steve Feigenbaum since 1984! – and to celebrate expanding into another decade, we've expanded our presence world wide, on the web. We're now on the internet in multiple manifestations. You can visit us online at your site of choice, and explore Cuneiform's vastly intriguing catalogue in various ways.

Our internet presence now includes:  

Cuneiform's new website includes:
information on all ARTISTS & ALBUMS released by Cuneiform from 1984–present, including INFO about the artists, and ARTIST PHOTOS, ALBUM ART & PRESS RELEASES for the MEDIA;
SAMPLE TRACKS from every Cuneiform album, along with links (Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp) to purchase these albums;
an informative "ABOUT CUNEIFORM" section, containing info on the label & its history;
a TOUR page, listing Tour schedules for all Cuneiform artists and
a GOOGLE CALENDAR with upcoming Cuneiform artists concerts that you can sync with your personal calendar;
a list of our DISTRIBUTORS worldwide;
a link to our online sister STORE, WAYSIDE MUSIC;
and a CONTACT page. The site is still in-progress; we'll be refining the content over the next several month.
[Many thanks to Amelia, Cuneiform's Queen of Graphics, for designing & constructing our new site. The new site replaces one we launched in 1999!]

Cuneiform's YouTube channel includes:
a SAMPLE TRACK for every album in our vast catalogue;
ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEOS created for Cuneiform releases;
videos of LIVE PERFORMANCES by Cuneiform artists; and more.

We are continually adding new content; SUBSCRIBE to our Channel and enjoy all our new video postings!
[Many thanks to our YouTube Channel managers - Brandon, Jeff, & Michael – for creating, building & managing our new Channel.]


To give our fans greater access to our music, enabling them to buy albums in various digital formats, we've listed our entire catalogue on BandCamp - and included a sample track from every album! Visit, and explore!
[Many thanks to Javier, Cuneiform Publicity & Promotion, for this massive undertaking.]


Become our FRIENDS on Facebook and visit us often. We add new content daily – and we look forward to receiving content from YOU!


FOLLOW us on Twitter, to see what Cuneiform and our Artists are doing – or thinking about. There is a LOT going on at Cuneiform World Headquarters, and we try to let you know about it my posting often.
Cuneiform Records invites you to visit with us, on whatever online platform you choose.  Take your time when you visit, to explore music by not only your favorite artists, but others who are new to you.

We promise you an entertaining time – a world of sonic wonder, new music to surprise, and delight.

Best regards,
Joyce, Director of Publicity & Promotion
April 14, 2014

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