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We asked Thymme Jones of CHEER-ACCIDENT to give us some of his thoughts about the new album, Putting Off Death. Here’s what he wrote...

CHEER-ACCIDENT (Thymme Jones is in the fantastic cut-offs) | credit: Vilma Jovaisa

We asked Thymme Jones of CHEER ACCIDENT to give us some of his thoughts about the new album, Putting Off Death. Here’s what he wrote:
More than just about any other CHEER-ACCIDENT album, this began as really just a collection of songs (culled over a three-year period). It's not a complete thought. It's a question awaiting an answer. It requires an audience with which to interface. Unlike most of our other releases, there's no unifying idea behind it. Others' ears and minds are required to complete the story.

Having said that, it coheres as a "work." Very much so, in fact. Once again, intuition has proven itself to be a very reliable friend for us. Serendipity continues to reveal itself. (For instance, there's the album's bookends, "Language Is" and "Hymn," which were instinctively placed where they were because of their similarities in mood and breadth, but now turn out to have at least one other point of connection: "Hymn" has, as its final line, "not the wind, it's the train horn," while "Language" contains the actual sound of a train horn in its "ambient section.")

The cover painting (in conjunction with the album title) indicates a sort of "whiling away" of time. Another day. Putting off death. Ho-hum. Putting it that way makes me understand the irony inherent in the title/cover… because we are not merely "whiling away the hours" or "treading water" or "killing time" or "clocking in." The music is action packed and filled to the brim with living/breathing humanity. There's a hunger. There's an immediacy. There's still something to prove.

So, those are some of my impressions. .. Anyway, thanks for getting the ball rolling in regard to how this music will mingle with the masses.

March 2017

Cuneiform also asked him if CHEER ACCIDENT has won any awards for its music over the years:
We once held our own awards ceremony (at a Fireside Bowl show, New Year's Eve, going into 1998, I believe), wherein we won sixteen out of the seventeen awards. I don't remember too many of the categories, but two of them were "most time signatures in an evening" and "best looking audience."
We probably should have won several Grammys by now, but ya gotta get nominated before ya can win.


CHEER-ACCIDENT's Putting Off Death is out now so know that you can easily purchase your own copy of the album at one of these fine retailers...
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