Friday, April 22, 2016

May is for The Micros; Album Kickstarter + NYC gig + Friday the 13th

May is for The Micros

In May 2016,
The Microscopic Septet
Kickstarts the Blues;
Celebrates Co-Leader Joel Forrester's 70th Birthday with a Concert at NYC's The Owl;
& Salutes Yet Another Friday the 13th

"Ever since its cutting-edge debut, 1983's Take The Z Train, there has been an air of mystery and mirth surrounding The Microscopic Septet. . .There's a whole lot of quirk here, but it's always on the joyous side. . . An eclectic bunch of kindred spirits still doing it against all odds." - Downbeat Magazine


One of New York's most elusive institutions and beloved jazz groups, The Microscopic Septet has been creating 'surrealistic swing' for the last three and a half decades. This Spring, the band has embarked on a new musical adventure: recording an album of the Micros' blues compositions. Titled I've Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me: The Micros Play The Blues, the new album will be released on Cuneiform Records in 2017.

May 2016 is an especially important month for the Micros.

To pay for recording costs, they're currently running a Kickstarter campaign which expires on May 7th. They need your help NOW to make their goal.

watch a video on one of the songs to be recorded:

Cat Toys (live at Smalls 2015)


On May 13, Friday the Thirteenth, you may want to salute the Micros and the legacy of Thelonious Monk by playing a track from the Micros' iconic album,
Friday the 13th: The Micros Play Monk (Cuneiform),
for your radio or internet audiences or for your personal pleasure.


On May 22nd, the Micros will make a rare public performance of the music they are about to go into the studio to record two days later, and at the same time,
celebrate co-leader pianist Joel Forrester's 70th birthday.

The Microscopic Septet
Joel Forrester's 70th Birthday party

Sunday May 22nd 2016 8PM
497 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn
Prospect Lefferts Gardens, aka PLG.  nearby trains are 2 to Sterling, Q to Prospect Park.

Come to The Owl to celebrate co-leader/co-composer/pianist Joel Forrester's birthday
and hear music from the Micros' forthcoming Cuneiform CD,
I've Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me: The Micros Play The Blues.

Expect special guests and special music, and, as always, a good time to be had by all.

$15 [Buy tickets in advance:]
The venue is quite small, so we are stressing that it's a good idea to buy tickets in advance.

The Micros' Facebook page has short videos of individual Micros playing the blues:

videos of some tunes to be on new album:

Don't Mind If I Do (live at Smalls 2015)


Holiday in Newark, Live at Joe's Pub:

Happy Birthday Joel!


"seminal, brilliant post-modern jazz."
- Downbeat

[cover art by: Antonia Pesenti]

The Microscopic Septet
Manhattan Moonrise

[2014, Rune 370]
Amazon - iTunes
Bandcamp - Wayside

[cover art by: Barry Blitt]

The Microscopic Septet
Friday the 13th
The Micros Play Monk
[2010, Rune 310]
Amazon - iTunes
Bandcamp - Wayside

[cover art by: Keith Lo Bue]

The Microscopic Septet
Lobster Leaps In

[2008, Rune 272]
Amazon - iTunes
Bandcamp - Wayside

[cover art by: Art Spiegelman]

The Microscopic Septet
Seven Men in Neckties:
History of the Micros, Volume 1

[2006, Rune 236/237]
Bandcamp - Wayside

[cover art by: Art Spiegelman]

The Microscopic Septet
Surrealistic Swing:
History of the Micros, Volume 2

[2006, Rune 238/239]
Amazon - iTunes
Bandcamp - Wayside

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